John Dana Guildner (1949-2011)

John Dana Guildner - 1949-2011

The Victor Mourning regrets the passing of our fellow musician, John Dana Guildner, known to his friends as Dana, after a brief illness.

An extraordinarily talented musician, Dana had played the string bass with the Minnesota Symphony, and more recently, he played accordion and string bass with our friends, the Geneva Witnesses. He was also known for playing traditional hymns on his 1880s pump organ, pumped by a vacuum cleaner operated by his wife, Barb.

We treasure our memories of playing with Dana on the shore of Geneva Lake in Southern Minnesota, and it’s difficult to accept that we won’t have another opportunity to share that experience. In addition to his musical talents, Dana was a truly eccentric character, a generous friend and neighbor, and an important member of his community. Our thoughts are with his family. He will be missed.


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  1. Troy Kirsch said,

    September 20, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I am one who was fortunate to have played music with Dana.. I always admired the way he was able to play many instruments and play them well.. What i remember of Dana is this… he was a true kind spirit… always had a friendly cackle… kind words.. and took a good dig at me which i loved to send one back at his way.. I am proud to consider myself a friend of Dana…. So Long It’s Been Good To Know Ya Old Friend…. Sincerely… Troy Kirsch

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